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first and last sentences (insp.)

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The Trio met for the first time 23 years ago today.

The Trio met for the first time 23 years ago today.

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July 31, 1980. Happy birthday, Harry Potter.
July 31, 1980. Happy birthday, Harry Potter.

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July 31 in the Harry Potter world
  • 1980: Harry James Potter is born to James and Lily Potter
  • 1991: Rubeus Hagrid arrives at the Hut-on-the-Rock shortly after midnight and delivers Harry Potter his Hogwarts acceptance letter. Hagrid takes Harry on his first visit to Diagon Alley. Quirinus Quirrell breaks into Gringotts Wizarding Bank, but fails to steal the Philosopher’s Stone as the vault containing it had already been emptied earlier in the day.
  • 1992: The Dursleys have dinner with Mr. and Mrs. Mason. Dobby visits Harry, and warns him not to return to Hogwarts. Dobby casts a Hover Charm on a pudding, but it is Harry who receives an official warning from the Ministry of Magic for Underage magic, presuming Harry is the only wizard in the area.
  • 1993: Marge Dursley arrives at 4 Privet Drive, for a week with her brother, sister-in-law and nephew. 
  • 1994: Harry receives cakes and sweets from Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, Sirius Black and Rubeus Hagrid.
  • 1995: Harry receives boxes of Honeydukes sweets from Ron and Hermione, but throws them away because he is upset with them. Dudley Dursley and his friends beat up ten-year-old Mark Evans.
  • 1996: Harry celebrates his 16th birthday at the Burrow, the celebrations are marred by grisly tidings from Remus Lupin of more Dementor attacks and Igor Karkaroff’s body is found in a shack up north.
  • 1997: A birthday party for Harry is held at the Burrow. Ginny Weasley gives Harry a birthday kiss, angering her brother. Minister for Magic Rufus Scrimgeour crashes the party and gives Harry, Ron, and Hermione objects from Albus Dumbledore’s will.

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Harry Potter Tribute Exhibition [x]

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Last Lines; Harry Potter books

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The actors reading their character’s first appearance in the books

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final (written) words


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do u ever think about how important harry potter is—not just as an impetus for children to learn to love reading—but as an intricately symbolic representation of the dangers of racism, close-mindedness, and greed, as well as a beautiful illustration of the importance of love, friendship, hope, and the criticism of the systems that surround us

Hermione’s first scenes in each film (xx)

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Ron’s first scenes in each film (x)

Hermione’s here

Ron and Hermione’s first scenes are so similar it makes me want to cry.

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the first line of each Harry Potter book

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